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Nadie escribió mi biografía en Wikipedia pero parece que alguien se preocupó por el apellido.


El escudo lo puse yo.


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Spina was an Etruscan port city on the Adriatic at the ancient mouth of the Po, south of the lagoon which would become the site of Venice. The site of Spina was lost until modern times, when drainage schemes in the delta of the Po River in 1922 first officially revealed a necropolis of Etruscan Spina about four miles west of the commune of Comacchio. The fishermen of Comacchio, it soon turned out, had been the source of “Etruscan” vases (actually originally imported from Greece) and other artifacts that had appeared for years on the archeological black market. The archaeological finds from the burials of spina aerial photography. Aside from the white reflective surfaces of the modern drainage channels there appeared in the photographs a ghostly network of dark lines and light rectangles, the dark lines indicating richer vegetation on the sites of ancient canals. Thus the layout of the ancient trading port was revealed, now miles from the sea, due to the sedimentation of the Po delta.Spina had hellennised[1] indigenous population.

[edit] References

  1. ^ In An Inventory of Archaic and Classical Poleis by Mogens Herman,ISBN 0198140991,2004,In the Index Spina is labelled as having hellenised indigenous populations”

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